What you need to pack when going on a long hike


Don’t hit the hiking track without taking a few important items with you. Whether you’re going to a high ropes course in VIC or to Tasmania for a trekking tour – you need to bring the same kit. 


Having a good backpack is essential for your hiking trip. You need to choose a backpack that is big enough to store the essentials but also lightweight. When we went to the Otway zipline last year, I used the daybreak backpack. The hyperlite mountain gear daybreak day pack is a good option as it is one of the lightest bags around. Even though it is light they have not skimped on the features. It still has padded straps for comfort, water-resistant exterior and a back panel that is also padded.

Water bottle

You might not want to carry a ton of water on your hike, but you need to be prepared in case you face an emergency. Then the life straw flex bottle is a good option. The filter inside will remove bacteria, chemicals and parasites making it safe to drink from any water source you find. The bottle is soft and lightweight easy to pack inside your bag and simple to use.

A portable battery

Don’t be stuck with a dead phone when you really need it. Get the sherpa power bank which is small and will give your phone a full recharge without needing all the extra cables. In case you get lost you need a cell phone with a good charge.

Trekking poles

You need a good set of hiking poles to look after your knees! Walking long distances can put a lot of strain and descent on your knees. They will also help to prevent slips and falls on the tough terrain and the muddy trails. The popular type is the Leki Micro Vario Carbon hiking poles that fold down small enough that you can fit them in your bag. Simple to unfold with an easy push-button release system. The poles are adjustable to fit any size hiker.

Hiking boots

It is best to choose hiking boots over sneakers when you are going on a long hike. Especially if you are carrying a heavy load with you, such as an overnight load. The hiking boots will offer extra support for your ankles and extra protection from scrapes, bites and the water. Hiking boots are available for men, women and children. They give good traction and are very lightweight. They come in many styles and designs to suit everyone’s taste. Hiking boots are breathable and waterproof.


Be sure to protect your face from the sun by using a proper cap – not just a ball cap. You want one that protects the face, ears and the back of the neck; a big one that is. You can also get ones that have an attachment to protect from mozzies and flies. 


When it is chilly in fall, or if you are hiking on a cool morning, a pair of waterproof and lightweight gloves are a great addition to your gear. They will help keep you warm and dry – and with grip, if you are facing a wet hike. Plenty of styles and designs available for the whole family.


These are not many people’s favourite, as they are not fashionable, but they are waterproof covers that go over your boots to protect your calves and ankles from getting wet or muddy. They are actually very practical and can be super useful when hiking.

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