School holidays and sports for your children

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Holidays mean more playtime and less studies. Ask anyone, and they will say that sport assists in kids overall growth. Pushing your kids out of the house so that they can be active physically is not sufficient as you need to understand what your child is interested in and enjoys. Children should be encouraged to try new sports and activities to discover what they like. These may be activities that are out of the ordinary like kids ziplines near you. 

Schools have a specific hour almost every day assigned to games and subjects focused on physical education. Schools emphasise that kids should participate in a particular sport regularly. Not only that, various competitions in school and at state or national levels ensure a sense of never-ending interest. So, as a parent, how can you encourage your kid’s interest in sport? Your child is going to learn from you, so your guidance matters.

What qualities do sports instil in kids?

· The best form of social interaction begins in the playground. Here, your child learns to interact based on their interests.

· Teamwork can develop after they become friends with other kids and learn to play along with a minimum number of disputes.

· A kid’s confidence is built because they are in their zone on the playground.

· Commitment can be established because the games kids play can become a regular activity. 

· Discipline can be taught because a child is supposed to follow specific rules when it comes to sports.

· Any game is capable of arising feelings like happiness or anger, and a kid needs to learn how to control their emotions.

· Team sports can lead to increased focus.

The list of benefits of playing a particular sport is endless. What matters is that the activity they enjoy is not limited to school activity only. Regular involvement in that sport outside of school hours is what you should focus on as a parent.

Play with your kids

Children are always fascinated to play with their parents. This not only keeps the sport alive, but it leads to family bonding. Also, this helps you find out what your kid knows about a particular game. They are at their maximum comfort and conversational ability while doing something they are interested in. If you tell them to teach you things, you will be surprised by the amount of knowledge your child can present to you. Outdoor team building activities encourage communication and family bonds.

Watch games

The best part about sports is the role models that kids can have. They can look up to someone, and they can point out exactly what qualities they like in that sports person. Watching matches with them and asking about who they admire, and what their best techniques are, not only interests them but makes the sport more active and alive in their head.

Look for clubs

Clubs are the second-best place for your kid to interact with people as enthusiastic as them about their favourite sport. When they get a chance to dwell in a crowd of like-minded people, they get to learn a lot because all these people love the same game but may have different insights.

Summer holidays are the time when children don’t have to worry about homework, assignments or a class time table. Sport is a way to keep them on track when it comes to time management. 

It is also a mental exercise that your child needs. At times, summer holidays can turn out to be boring and not stimulate their minds. Indulging in sports can be the push that they need to keep up with their growing body and brain.

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